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by Frank Hegermann

Duo is a Diplomacy variant for 2 players. The map is point symmetric, i.e.. it is isomorphic to a point-symmetrical map, so that each player has same chances and the tactics/strategy are thus the only relevant items in the game.


1. Rules

The usual rules of Diplomacy apply.

2. Players

Rotland (Red) plays against Grünland (Green), plus there is a third great power named neutral. The game starts in Spring 1001.

3. Transform

In addition to the usual orders of hold, move, support and convoy is added the new order transfrom. Transform converts an army into a fleet or vice versa.

Example: A Con transform - which would convert an army in Con into a fleet.

Transform is possible only in a coastal region with supply centre. If the unit is attacked, the instruction becomes ineffective. If an army which is in a coastal region with several coasts into a fleet then the coast must be indicated or the order will fail.

4. Starting Positions

R Rotland F Zinnoberburg, A Karminstadt, A Rotheim

G Grünland F Schloß Grünburg, A Jadestadt, A Grünheim

N Neutral F Helorn, F Abaun, A Gawan, A Norterend, A Westberg, A Ostberg, A Sund, A Pirh

5. The Power Neutral

Neutral is not controlled by a player, but Neutral's units follow these rules:

  • The armies always hold. If the last two remaining armies sit next to each other, they support each other holding.
  • If neutral armies within the Midgebirge (center of map) are dislodged, they retreat to free neighbouring SCs. If no neighbouring SCs are free, the army is disbanded. If 2 or more SCs are free, Westberg/Ostberg have priority.
  • In the fall dislodged fleets are disbanded.
  • In the spring dislodged fleets retreat, if possible, to Nordostmeer/Sudwestmeer, and if this is not possible, the fleet is disbanded. *Fleets in these seas move in the fall to Conno/Corws (or, if their coming from there, to Helorn/Abaun, note that they move on their own, not if they are dislodged). If this can't be done, the fleet is dislodged. If in the spring, a fleet is in Conno/Corws it will go to Nordostmeer/Sudwestmeer (if possible) and then try to get back to Helorn/Abaun

6. Map features

The yellow lines represent bridges between 2 coastal regions. These bridges can only be used by armies, while fleets are unaffected by them. Regions connected by these bridges are as follows: Gawan-Gurand, Orlon-Pirh, Nabai-Arkoon, Mellar-Bridon, Charaua-Nogk and Esmaladan-Utar.

Four spaces (Bynn, Gwaul, Heronn and Borkia) have a west and an east coast similar to Spain/StP/Bul in the standard variant.