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Created: July 2007 as Imperial1840 and as Imperial1841 in January 2008
Creator: Gerald Todd, Maryland, USA sgttodd(a)
Imperial1841 is supported by The Diplomacy Tribune


Imperial 1841 is a variant of Avalon Hill/Hasbro's game of Diplomacy by Allan B. Calhamer. It is based on another variant by Michael David Roberts called Imperial. Both variants are global versions of the original game.

Imperial 1841 is meant as a lighter version of Imperial requiring fewer players and having fewer provinces and supply centers.

This variant begins with an historical setting, but is not designed to recreate historical events. The names and borders are based on maps from the 1840's with their some of their misspellings and misplaced borders.

Imperial 1841 replaces Imperial1840 incorporating changes gleaned from play-testing.


Number of players: 9

  • Austria-Hungary
  • Great Britain
  • China
  • France
  • Holland
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Russia
  • Spain/Portugal
  • United States of America

Number of supply centers: 109


This variant follows all of the rules in Standard Diplomacy, with the following exceptions.

Start Date: The game begins in Spring 1841. The Seasons work just like Standard Diplomacy (Spring-Fall).

Victory Conditions: To win, a single player must possess 56 supply centers at the end of any fall retreat.

Map Clarifications

Impassable: (Casbian Sea, Great Lakes, Rocky Mountains, Deep Desert, Himalayas, and Deepest Darkest Africa) These zones act exactly like Switzerland in Standard Diplomacy.

Island Chains: (The Azores, Hawaiian Islands, the Bahamas, the Antilles, Java, Seychelles, the Solomons, Maldives, Marshalls, and New Zealand)

Island Chains are coastal territories that may be entered through any adjacent sea zones. They may be occupied by either armies or navies. Armies may not be convoyed by fleets in island chain spaces.

Denmark & Constantinople: In order to move a Fleet directly from the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, a player must move into Constantinople, just like Denmark in the standard game. Imperial 1841 doesn't require "ownership" of Constantinople

Land Bridges: (Florida-Bahamas; Bahamas-Cuba; Bahamas-Haiti; Cuba-Haiti; Haiti-Antilles; Antilles-Venezuela; Dublin-Edinburgh; Denmark-Sweden; Formosa-Guangdong; Kagoshima-Edo; Edo-Sapporo; Sapporo-Sakhurlin; Sakhurlin-Yongmingcheng; Malaysia-Sumatra; Sumatra-Java) These land bridges work exactly as they do in Standard Diplomacy. Though the provinces mentioned are separated by water, Both Armies and Fleets may move from one to the other.

Multiple Coasts: (Guatemala, Honduras, Columbia, Kiel, Rome, St Petersburg, Egypt, Syria, Hadramaut) These zones are played just as Spain and St Petersburg are in the standard game. Note: The Kiel canal was not yet built in 1841 which is why Kiel has two coasts in this variant.

Wraparound: (Bering Sea, West Pacific, South West Pacific, Antarctic Pacific) You will note that some sea zones can be found on both ends of the map. They are actually the same sea zones. A Fleet coming from Kuril Sea could move into the West Pacific Ocean on the right side of the map and would be adjacent to the Hawaiian Islands on the left side of the map.

1.This is a large map as most global Diplomacy maps tend to be. To make the map smaller the Atlantic was narrowed a great deal, the poles were cut down, and the ends were brought in somewhat.

2.The Earth, being a sphere, and the map being flat means going off the right side bring you onto the left side, and vice-versa. ALL of the Pacific spaces at the left side of the map are merely place-holders, to show the connections. For example: the space that RP considers to be "WPA" [Western Pacific Ocean] is located on the right side of the map -- but there is a self-same "WPA" on the left side.

3.Imperial_Builds There are 2 kinds of SCs in Imperial 1841: Home Centers and Not-Home-Centers. Players may build in any unoccupied home center they own, be it one they started with, or one they captured. RealWorld doesn't allow for this build rule, so it is currently set to allow building in any unoccupied, owned SC. The GM will have to monitor builds received to ensure builds only occur in home centers.

4.Direct movement between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea is through Constantinople - like Denmark, ie you move BLA-CON, and next turn you move CON-AEG, and so forth. "Ownership" of Constantinople not required.

The Player Powers

at gamestart in 1841

  • Austria-Hungary: Ferdinand I
  • Great Britain: Albert of Hanover Prince-Consort
  • China: Min Ning
  • France: Louis Philip of Bourbon
  • Holland: William II of Orange
  • Ottoman Empire: Abdülmecid I
  • Russia: Nicholas I
  • Spain: Francis of Assisi of Bourbon
  • Portugal: Ferdinand of Braganza
  • USA: Martin van Buren

RealWorld software

RealWorld is an improved version of Realpolitik; both of which are available in the Downloads section of Imperial1841 is designed to work with RealWorld, files are not provided for RealPolitik.

RealWorld files for Imperial1841 are available in the Variants section of and at The Diplomacy Tribune.

The Map & Starting Positions


Map Space Names and Abbreviations

Starting Positions
Austria-Hungary/Prussia (5) forest
Berlin,			ber
Budapest,		bud
Venice,			ven
Vienna,			vie
Loango,			loa
Britain (11) red
London,			lon ldn
Dublin,			dub dln
Edinburgh,		edi ebg
Quebec,			qbc
Ontario,		ont
Bahama Islands,		bah
Cape Colony,		cac
Bombay,			bom
Delhi,			del
Malaysia,		mal
New South Wales,	nsw
China (5) yellow
Beijing,		bei bjg
Chongqing,		cho
Guangdong,		gua
Shanghai,		sgh
Yongmingcheng,		yon yng
France (9) cyan
Paris,			prs pas
Nantes,			nan
Marseilles,		mar
Antilles,		ant
Sierra Leone,		sie
Guinea,			gui
Madagascar,		mgr
Maldives,		mld mdv
Society Islands,	sct soc
Holland (7) orange
Holland,		hol
Dutch Guiana,		dug
Natal,			nat
Kagoshima,		kag
Java,			jav
Borneo,			bor
New Guinea,		ngu
Ottoman Empire (5) tan
Angora,			ang
Bagdad,			bag
Constantinople,		con
Egypt,			egy
Sofia,			sof
Russia (6) charcoal
Moskow,			mos
Sevastopol,		sev
St Petersburg,		stp
Warsaw,			war
Irkutsk,		irk
Orenburg,		orn
Spain (9) teal
Madrid,			mad
Lisbon,			lis
Cuba,			cub
Mexico City,		mxc
Monterey,		mty
Columbia,		col
Rio de Janeiro,		rio
Zanguebar,		zan
Phillipines,		phi
United States (4) blue
Boston,			bos
Charleston,		cha
New Orleans,		nol
New York City,		nyc
Denmark,		den
Greece,			gre
Kiel,			kie
Norway,			nor nwy
Rome,			rom
Rumania,		rum
Salerno,		sal
Serbia,			ser
Sweden,			swe
Armenia,		arm
Bavaria,		bav
Stuttgart,		stu
Bordeaux,		bdx
Bosnia,			bsn
Catalunia,		cat
Cadiz,			cad
Coruna,			crn
Croatia,		cro
Finland,		fin
Galicia,		gal
Metz,			met
Livonia,		liv lvn
Piedmont,		pie
Prussia,		pru
Rouen,			rou
Sicily,			sic
Silesia,		sil
Switzerland,		sws
Wallacia,		wlc
Abyssinia,		aby
Biafra,			bia
Liberia,		lib
Tunisia,		tun
Ethiopia,		eth
Algiers,		alg
Bambarra,		bam
Caffrabia,		caf
Congo,			cgo
Cimbebas,		cim
Donga,			don
Fezzan,			fez
Kuar,			kua
Hahira,			hah
Mongearts,		mgt
Morocco,		mor
Mozambique,		moz
Nubia,			nub
South Africa,		saf
Sene Gabaia,		sga
Somolia,		som
Soudan,			sou
Tripoli,		tri
Syria,			syr
Ade,			ade
Afganistan,		afg
Bengal,			ben
Edo,			edo
Hue,			hue
Kasmir,			kas
Tehran,			teh
Tashkent,		tsh
Omsk,			oms
Bangalore,		ban
Celebes,		cel
Evenki,			eve
Georgia,		grg
Hadramaut,		hdr
Hyderabad,		hyd
Ceylon,			cey cln
Khiva,			khv
Krasnoyarsk,		kra
Birmah,			bir
Bokhara,		bkh
Baku,			bku
Lucknow,		lck
Madras,			mds
Mandlah,		mdh
Mecca,			mec
Nejaaz,			nej
Oman,			oma
Perm,			prm
Punjab,			pun
Xining,			xin
Kamchatka,		kam
Korea,			kor
Xinjang,		xjg
Mongolia,		mon
Tibet,			tib
Nei Mongol,		nem
Heilongjiangm,		hei
Liaoning,		lia
Fujian,			fuj
Hunan,			hun
Yunnan,			yun
Sakhurlin,		sak
Sapporo,		sap
Siam,			sia
Solomons,		sol
Marshalls,		msi
Perth,			pth
Northern Terr.,		ntr
Queensland,		que
South Austrailia,	sau
New Zeland,		nze
Sumatra,		sum
Formosa,		for
Tai Won,		tai
Tabrize,		tbr
Yakutsk,		yak
South America
Amazona,		ama
Bolivia,		bol
Bahia,			baa
British Guiana,		brg
Chili,			chl
Cuiaba,			cui
Equador,		equ
French Guiana,		frg
La Plata,		lap
Matto Grosso,		mat
Montevideo,		mvd
Para,			par pra
Patagonia,		pat
Sacpaulo,		sac
Paraguay,		pgy
Peru,			per
Plauhy,			pla
Venezuela,		vzl
North America
Honduras,		hon
Guatemala,		gtm
Haiti,			hai
Oaxaca,			oax
Mazatlan,		maz
Coahula,		coa
Chihuahua,		chi
Republic of Texas,	rot
Nevada,			nev
Oregon Terr.,		org
Vancouver,		van
Alaska,			alk ala
North West Terr.,	nwt
Alberta,		alb
Saskatchewan,		ssk
Unorganized Terr.,	ung
Iowa Territories,	iow
Missouri Terr.,		mis
Appalachia,		apl
Florida,		fla
Chicago,		chc
Washington DC,		wdc
Montreal,		mtl
PrinceRupert Land,	prt
Maritimes,		mrt
Atlantic Sea Zones
Hudson Bay,		hud
Labrador Sea,		lab
Greenland Sea,		grs
Barents Sea,		bar
Norwegian Sea,		nwg
North Sea,		nth
Skagerrak,		ska
Helgoland Bight,	hel
Baltic Sea,		bal
Gulf of Bothnia,	gob
English Channel,	ech eng
Irish Sea,		iri
Bay of Biscay,		bob
Western Mediterranean,	wme wem
Gulf of Lyon,		gol lyo
Tyrrhenian Sea,		tyr
Ionian Sea,		ion
Adriatic Sea,		adr
Aegean Sea,		aeg
Black Sea,		bla
Eastern Mediterranean,	eme eam
Canaries Seaway,	cas
N.Atlantic Ocean,	nao
Gulf of Maine,		gme
Bay of Florida,		bof
Gulf of Mexico,		gom
Western Carribean,	wca
Eastern Carribean,	eca
The Azores,		azr
Sargasso Sea,		sar
Mid-Atlantic Ocean,	mao
Amazon Basin,		amb
Brazilian Bight,	brb
Gulf of Guinea,		ggu
Cimbebas Coast,		cbc
S.Atlantic Ocean,	sao
Rio de Plate,		rdp
Drake Passage,		dra
Ant-Atlantic Ocean,	aat
Indian Sea Zones
Roaring Forties,	rft
Mozabaique Channel,	moc
Horn of Africa,		hoa
Red Sea,		red
Persian Gulf,		pgu
Arabian Sea,		ara
Bay of Bengal,		bgl
N.E.Indian Ocean,	nei
N.W.Indian Ocean,	nwi
S.E.Indian Ocean,	sei
S.W.Indian Ocean,	swi
Ant-Indian Ocean,	ain
Barrier Sea,		bas
Western Pacific Sea Zones
Ant-Pacific Ocean,	apa
Tasman Sea,		tas
Coral Sea,		cos
Timor Sea,		tim
Java Sea,		jas
Celebes Sea,		ces
Gulf of Siam,		gos
China Sea,		chs
Phillipene Sea,		phs
Eastern Sea,		ese
Yellow Sea,		yel
Sea of Japan,		soj
Sea of Okhotsk,		okh
Kuril Sea,		kur
Bering Sea,		bes
N.W.Pacific Ocean,	nwp
Izu Sea,		izu
W.Pacific Ocean,	wpa wpo
Bismark Sea,		bis
S.W.Pacific Ocean,	swp
Eastern Pacific Sea Zones
Hawaii,			haw
N.Pacific Ocean,	npa npo
Gulf of Alaska,		goa
N.E.Pacific Ocean,	nep
Gulf of Catalina,	gca
Gulf of California,	goc
E.Pacific Ocean,	epa epo
Gulf of Panama,		gop
Chilean Basin,		cba
S.Pacific Ocean,	spa spo