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Variant by Minister X

Map And Starting Positions:

Images Pericles.gif

Aetolia: A callium, F calydon, A thermium.

Boeotia: A delion, F helicon, A opus.

Attica: A athenae, F caria, F ionia.

Arcolia: A epidaurus, F iria(sc), A mycenae.

Laconia: F koidaunas, A prastos, A sparta.

Messenia: A ira, A messena, F pylos.

Elia: A dafni, F elis, A pisatis.

Terrain Oddities:

Canal: Corinth (like Kiel)

Dual Coasts: Epidaurus, Iria, and Megara (like Spain nc/sc)

Land Bridges: Abydus - Byzantium and Rhegium - Sicily (like Denmark - Sweden)

Sailing the High Seas: A unit can move from a lettered sea-zone to another lettered sea-zone if the letters match.

Variant Rules:

Units can only be built in home supply centers.

20 of the 39 supply centers are needed to win the game


Original version of Pericles: Note the addition of Messeniacus Sinus in the current version, and the extra C and D off-board links. Pericles-Old.jpg