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Realpolitik is a Diplomacy™ viewer and adjudicator for Mac OS and Windows, developed by:

  • Jim Van Verth
  • Lucas B. Kruijswijk
  • Ben Hines
  • Simon Haines
  • Ronnie van 't Westeinde

Here are some of the many things you can do with Realpolitik :

  • Add and adjudicate your own moves using a simple point-click interface
  • Load or copy and paste orders in Judge format or "plain text"
  • Print out the map, copy it, or save it to a bitmap
  • Save current results to a text file
  • Display units, orders, supply centers and province names
  • Track game history
  • Use a large number of variants, including Modern and Colonial
  • Create variants of your own, using only a paint program, a text editor, and a tool which is included with the distribution
  • Realpolitik is free, but you must own a copy of Diplomacy™ to use it. See license agreement for more info. Please go to the downloads page to get version 1.6.6, the latest version.

RealWorld (RW)

RealWorld is the greatest update for the adjudicator Realpolitik (RP) but only for PC Windows-Systems. RelWorld support over 60 variants (Modern with Wings, World 2020, World War IV, Oceania, Hanse, Europe 1900, etc.). Author is Dirk Brueggemann.

Download here: (german)