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Variant Description, as provided in the Info file of Realpolitik/RealWorld and edited for grammar and content by The White Wolf:

The rules to Diplomacy are copyright 1999, Hasbro, Inc.

See the board game for more information on how to play Diplomacy.

This is a simple variant starting in the winter of 1913, as the continent suddenly finds itself thrust unprepared into war.

The following alterations have been made to the standard game:

  • Every home province becomes a supply center.
  • Ireland (Ire) is made a home center for England and is adjacent to IRI and NAO.
  • There are 56 supply centers, and the victory criteria is 29.
  • Each power (with two exceptions) begins the game with one army in its capital city. Russia has an additional army in Moscow. England does not have an army in London - it has the home fleet in the North Sea, and an army in Ireland (that must be convoyed off in order to be useful.)
  • The game starts in a winter build phase but, to reflect the fact that the powers have not had time to put their industry on war footing, each power (with one exception) has 2 builds which can be made in any vacant home SC. Germany has three builds, reflecting Germany's greater military efficiency.
  • Albania has been included as a home center for Turkey. While Albania was created as an independent state in May/June 1913 (it declared independence in November 1912, but May 30th 1913 was when the European powers drew up the treaty,) its inclusion as a Turkish home center is not outrageous. As a Muslim state surrounded by Christian states (including an aggressive Serbia,) Albania had need to remain on close terms with the Ottoman empire, despite its historical antagonism.

The 1913 winter builds are made without diplomacy.

From this point on the rules are as in standard.