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An Introduction

My name is Baron Powell and I'm the designer of 1900. 1900 is very similar to conventional Diplomacy, only better, if I do say so myself. What primarily distinguishes 1900 from Diplomacy is the map, which shows Europe and the entire northern coast of Africa at the turn of the century. There are also some unit changes and two major rule changes. These are discussed below.


Unit Changes

Rule Changes

I did not want to make dramatic changes to Diplomacy's basic rules. With the few exceptions discussed below, all rules for Diplomacy apply to 1900 as well. In all but two cases, the rule changes represent little more than minor revisions to account for the new map. The two major exceptions are the Suez Canal Rules and the Russian Emergency Measure Rule. The Suez Canal Rules are a series of rules governing movement and combat between the Mid-Atlantic Ocean space and the Egypt/Hejaz spaces. These rules serve to give 1900 a distinct character primarily because they dramatically increase the need for all of the Great Powers to talk to each other from the beginning of the game, an end state I definitely hoped to achieve. The Russian Emergency Measures Rule (hereafter simply REM) was a late addition to the variant rules that was inserted to enhance play balance when repeated game play showed that Russia's offensive potential was satisfactory, but its defensive prospects needed to be enhanced given greater Austro-Hungarian and German strength.

The minor rule changes go as follows:

The Suez Canal Rules

The Russian Emergency Measures Rule

The REM Rule reflects the fact that Russia's greatest military assets at the dawn of the 20th century were its seemingly endless supply of manpower and its vast resources. Unfortunately, terrible mismanagement and a weak economy prevented Russia from successfully exploiting these assets. If Russia were to suffer a severe setback, such as is implied by the loss of a home supply center, it seems reasonable to assume the Russian government would be shocked into taking drastic measures to overcome the situation, to include stripping the many garrisons stationed throughout the Asiatic portions of the Empire and better managing its limited industrial capability. To this effect:

So, there you have it. As you can see, 1900 is, at heart, just like the game of Diplomacy that we have all come to know and love. The map, unit, and rule changes do, however, alter the dynamics of how the Great Powers interact with each other. Once you've played, I think you'll agree that it was well worth your time. In fact, I expect you'll be so impressed with 1900 that you may have a tough time going back to conventional Diplomacy.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me at VonPowell@aol.com


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