5-Season Dip

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5-Season Dip is a style of Email Diplomacy where the game is played in 5 seasons. Also referred to as US-Style, 5-Season Dip involves 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Autumn, and Winter. 5-Season Dip schedules will vary, with typically 7 days for a major turn (Spring, Fall) and 2 or 3 days for a minor turn (Summer, Autumn, Winter).

The premise of 5-Season Dip is that a separate block of time is allotted for every phase of the game:

  • Spring
  • Summer (Spring retreats)
  • Fall
  • Autumn (Fall retreats)
  • Winter (Fall adjustments)

While players may turn in orders in advance of the turn currently in play, they are only expected to turn in orders for the current turn. They will assuredly have at least 2 more days before any further orders are then due.

The GM runs the appropriate turns only as that phase comes due - setting a new deadline for the next phase, at that time. This leads to deadlines falling on varying days of the week.

Conditional orders are never needed in 5-Season Dip since one can always revise his/her orders for the next turn once seeing the results of the current turn.

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