7 Island

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Crated by: Paul Bennett

Variant Description:

1.The 1971 rule book applies except where amended below.

2.Iceland (Ice), Ireland (Ire), Corsica (Cor), Sardinia (Sar), Sicily (Sic), Crete (Cre) and Cyprus (Cyp) all become neutral supply centers.

3.Iceland is adjacent to NAO and Nwg. Ireland is adjacent to NAO and Iri. Corsica is adjacent to GOL, TyS and Sar. Sardina is adjacent to GOL, Cor, TyS and WMS. Sicily is adjacent to TyS, Nap and Ion. Crete is adjacent to Ion, Aeg and EMS. Cyprus is adjacent to EMS.

4.There are now 41 supply centers. The victory condition is 21 supply centers.

5.As an alternative spin to this variant, the GM may start the first turn at Winter 1900 to allow players to build their starting units.