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Created by: David Caldwell

Variant Rules:

1.0 Rules are the same as Standard Diplomacy unless amended below.

2.0 Canals and Sea Zones: 2.1 St. Petersburg & Goteborg acts in the same manner as Kiel and Constantonople in Standard Diplomacy. 2.2 Bolmen is a the only province with two coasts. Orders must specify which coast a fleet is occupying. 2.3 There is a canal connecting Vat to GoS. This is the "Gota Canal." This canal is used in the same manner as the Volga and Suez canals in the Modern variant.

3.0 Powers & Starting Positions: •Sweden- A Stockholm, F Sundsvall, F Goteborg •Finland- A Kuopio, F Helsingfors, F Vasa •Russia- A Minsk, F St. Petersburg, F Riga •Poland- A Warsaw, F Strulsund, F Danzig

4.0 Winning Conditions: 4.1 There are 22 total supply centers. For a solo win, 15 supply centers must be under the control of one power for a solo win. A draw must be voted for only by surviving powers

5.0 Neutrals: 5.1 "Cop" Copenhagen, Denmark; "Ron" Ronne, Bornholm Island; Malmo; "Sli" Slite, Gotland Island; Brest; Konigsberg, East Prussia; "Saa" Saaremaa Island; "Ala" Aland Island; Tallinn, Estonia; Tornio.

6.0 Sea Zones: 6.1 "Ska" Skaggerak; "Kat" Kattegat; "Sba" South Baltic; "Hab" Hano Bay; "GoS" Gulf of Stockholm; "Mba" Mid-Baltic; "Nba" North Baltic; "GoR" Gulf of Riga; "SGoB" South Gulf of Bothnia; "NGoB" North Gulf of Bothnia; "LPei" Lake Peipus; LLad" Lake Ladoga; "Van" Vanern; "Vat" Vattern.

7.0 Provinces: 7.1 All supply centers were named after the major city or town in that area. All non-supply centers are named after a major geographical occurrence in the area (i.e. lakes, rivers, mountains).