Biscay Openings

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Biscay Opening

  • F Bre-Gas
  • A Mar-Spa
  • A Par-Bur

This opening is viewed as pro-English and pro-Italian in that France moves to take Iberia without worrying either of those powers with the possibility, however slight, that he might forego one of the centers there to apply naval pressure in the Fall.

Beaujolais Nouveau

  • F Bre-Gas
  • A Mar-Gas
  • A Par-Gas

The French equivalent of England's Yorkshire Pudding opening, the Beaujolais Nouveau is actually much more useful. It was mentioned in a very early issue of the 'zine Vienna. According to Aron Ambrosiani, the Swedish player Per Larsson has been known to use this opening, taking a solo victory with it at the 1998 LinCon convention.

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