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Chicago Diplomacy is a Diplomacy Variant that is still in the works, so any suggestions emailed to would be appreciated.

Possible Scenario: The apocalypse has happenned. That's right, there is no longer a Daley to run Chicago! Rapidly, the City broke down into Chaos. Each neighborhood elected its own leaders, and said that their mayor was, in fact, the rightful Dictator of all Chicagoland. Meanwhile, in the Suburbs, no one knows what is going on, because all of the local news comes from the City. Some of the major suburbs decide that the Hegemony of the Cty should be ended. Local mayors lead armies of conquest across the plains of Northeastern Illinois. Who will come out on top?

All the same rules as regular dip except where noted below:

1. Use the attached map

2. Chaos Builds

3. Rivers.

    A. Some rivers run between separate provinces.  Fleet movement bewteen these provinces is allowed, as though they shared a coastline, even if it is across the river.  (F East Plainfield can move to Bolingbrook, Naperville Central, West Plainfield, or West Joliet, but not Romeoville or Stateville Corrections)
    B. Some rivers run through provinces.  In this case, a fleet can occupy that province, but can only travel along the river. (F Batavia can move to North Aurora or Geneva, but not Elburn, Fermilab, or West Chicago)
    C. Some rivers can be type A or type B.  Look at the individual province to find out. (F North Aurora can move to West Aurora, East Aurora, or Batavia, but not Sugar Grove, Elburn, or Fermilab)

4. Wisconsin is Impassable.

5. "To Grand Rapids" is a Sea Supply Center. It can only be occupied by a fleet, but otherwise is a normal Supply Center.

6. To show the relative importance of the City, all provinces located within the City Limits are Supply Centers (The City limits are the dark line)

7. Total Supply Center count is 151, so a total of 76 Supply Centers are required for a solo victory.