Cold War

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Play-tested in game DC-032

Cold War.gif

Final Map From DC-032

Variant Rules:

1. MAP

a. Two canal areas operate like Kiel or Constantinople in Standard Dip: •Turkey & Egypt.

b. Most islands are not traversable; only where the name is specified is an island considered a discrete location.

c. Land & water regions include:

  • Pearl Harbor
  • Caribbean Basin
  • Indonesia

Movement by armies between Southern USA and Caribbean Basin is permitted. Also movement by fleets into the Caribbean Basin from the Pacific and back out the Atlantic is permitted, as in standard Denmark.

d. Multiple coasts exist in:

  • Mexico
  • France
  • the Levant

e. Units in split regions in the Pacific are displayed on the side where the region’s full name is displayed.

2. Abbreviations

a. Please use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for ocean regions, all lowercase for land regions.

b. Land regions should be indicated by the first three letters for single-word names (Congo=con), or by lowercase initials if multiple-word names (South Africa=sa).

c. Indicate an ocean region by its initials (North Pacific Ocean=NPO). Seas should be known by the first three letters in their names (Arabian Sea=ARA).

d. Exceptions:

i. Indonesia = Ind
ii.Caribbean Basin = CaB
iii. Pearl Harbor = PHr
iv. Bay of Bengal = BOB
v. Baffin Bay = BFB
vi. South China Sea = SCS

e. Please specify convoy routes at least once in your orders. A proper convoy order might look like: A bos-SAR-NAO-fra; F SAR C A bos-fra, etc.

f. WHEN IN DOUBT, WRITE IT OUT. I’ll do my best to interpret, but if you could be so kind as to write according to above instructions, I’d greatly appreciate.

3. Deadlines

a. Deadlines will be set and changed at the discretion of the Game Master in the best interests of the progress of the game and in accordance with delay requests.

b. Please request delays for vacations, etc, at the earliest possible date and by email, not by posting in a club.

c. Those who fail to submit Spring, Fall, or Winter moves will be utomatically granted a 24-hour grace period.

d. In case of Summer or Autumn civil disorder, the GM will follow the default rules: if there’s only 1 retreat option, that retreat is taken. If there are multiple retreat options, the unit is automatically disbanded.

e. The GM may replace any player for repeated civil disorder or abuse of the grace period at his disgression.

4. Victories

a. Draws may be proposed at any time after all neutral SC have been taken, but must be approved unanimously in secret ballot.

b. The GM will declare any player the victor who controls more than 50% of the SC’s.

c. The GM can declare a draw if the board is stalemated.

5. Press and Espionage

a. Players are encouraged to include press statements with moves.

b. Players are encouraged to post ideological vitriol in Diplomatic Corp, spread vicious lies, and refer obnoxiously to the Communist Manifesto, Declaration of Independence, etc.

c. Understand the armies and fleets in this game to be any sort of force: conventional, proxy, revolutionary, or even ideas or cash. Be imaginative.

d. Players may use any legal method of obtaining information or spreading lies.

6. Special Rule

There was a special rule I dreamt a few nights ago I needed to include. I can't remember it, but it was compelling at the time, so if I remember it, then it gets in!