Colonia VIIb

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by Fred Hyatt and John Cain

Colonia VIIb.gif

Opening Positions

The powers and their opening positions differ from the standard, as one would expect. They are as follows (Colonies are in italics):

Austria: A Vienna, A Budapest, F Trieste, A Surinam, F Tahiti.

China: A Peking, A Xian, A Wuhan, F Amoy.

England: F Edinburgh, F London, A Ecuador, A Nigeria, F Malaya.

France: A Paris, A Bordeaux, F Toulon, A Dakar, A Quebec.

Netherlands: A Antwerp, F Hague, A Florida, A Angola, F Melbourne.

Ottoman: A Izmir, A Jerusalem, A Baghdad, F Istanbul, F Hawaii.

Portugal: A Lagos, F Lisbon, A Alaska, A Brazil, A Goa.

Russia: A Moscow, A Omsk, A Kiev, F St. Petersburg (SC), F Vladivostok, A Cape Colony.

Spain: A Madrid, F Valencia, A Mexico, A Somalia, F Manila.

The game starts in Spring 1751.

Variant Rules

0. All rules are as regular Diplomacy save where noted below.

1. Note that the provinces on the eastern edges of the map are the same as those on the western edge. Thus, a fleet could move from Bismarck Sea to South Pacific Ocean to Peru, and vice versa.

2. Those islands that are marked as "neutral supply centres", as well as Island Colonies, may be occupied by an army. An Army dislodged from an island centre may retreat to another island or a mainland province by convoy, provided that there is a Fleet available to make the convoy and that the convoy does not exceed one sea-space. The retreating army and the convoying fleet must be of the same nationality. This rule applies ONLY to Armies dislodged from island centres. For the purposes of this rule, England and Australia are not considered islands.

3. There are certain supply centres that are colonies. Colonies are building centres for whichever Power owns them. For instance, if Ecuador (originally English) is captured by Austria, then next Fall, Austria can build a unit there. They start under the control of the Power with a starting unit placed there. The colonies are: Alaska, Quebec, Florida, Mexico, Ecuador, Surinam, Brazil, Dakar, Nigeria, Angola, Cape Colony, Somalia, Goa, Malaya, Manila, Hawaii, Melbourne, and Tahiti.

4. There are three special supply centres that may be used for building purposes by specified Powers. The centres and Powers are:

  • Crimea: Russia and Ottoman
  • Naples: Spain and Austria
  • Nanking: China

The centres may be used for building only after being occupied. For all other Powers, these centres function as neutral supply centres.

5. The Arctic Ocean and the continent of Antarctica are impassible.

6. The arctic coast of Siberia is passable to Fleets.

7. A victory shall consist of ownership of 50 Supply Centres or by concession vote. In order for a concession proposal to be approved, the proposal must carry a three-fourths (3/4 or 75%) majority of all Supply Centres, excluding any that are neutral or owned by a power in Civil Disorder. Thus, with all supply centres occupied, Powers controlling 102 centres can end the game by voting to do so.

Names and Abbreviations of Areas in Colonia VII-B

Name Abbrev Continent Is a SC? Original Owner

Adriatic Sea ADR Sea No .

Afghanistan AFG Asia Yes .

Alaska ALA North America Yes Portugal

Algeria ALG Africa No .

Amazon AMA South America No .

Amoy AMO Asia Yes China

Andaman Sea AND Sea No .

Angola ANG Africa Yes Netherlands

Antarctic Ocean ANO Sea No .

Antwerp ANT Europe Yes Netherlands

Arabia ARA Asia No .

Arabian Sea ARS Sea No .

Arafura Sea AFS Sea No .

Aragon AGN Europe No .

Argentina ARG South America Yes .

Armenia ARM Asia No .

Ashanti ASH Africa No .

Azores AZO Asia Yes .

Baghdad BAG Asia Yes Ottoman

Bahia BAH South America Yes .

Baltic Sea BAL Sea No .

Barents Sea BAR Sea No .

Bavaria BAV Europe Yes .

Bay of Bengal BBG Sea No .

Bay of Biscay BBI Sea No .

Belem BEL South America Yes .

Bengal BEN Asia Yes .

Benin BNN Africa No .

Bering Strait BER Sea No .

Bhutan BHU Asia No .

Bismarck Sea BIS Sea No .

Black Sea BLA Sea No .

Bolivia BOL South America Yes .

Bordeaux BDX Europe Yes France

Borneo BOR Asia Yes .

Bosnia BOS Europe No .

Brazil BRA South America Yes Portugal

Brittany BRI Europe No .

Budapest BUD Europe Yes Austria

Bulgaria BUL Europe Yes .

Burgundy BUR Europe No .

Burma BMA Asia Yes .

California CAL North America Yes .

Cambodia CAM Asia Yes .

Canaries CAN Sea No .

Cape Colony CAP Africa Yes Russia

Caribbean Sea CAR Sea No .

Caucasus CAU Asia No .

Central Atlantic Ocean CAO Sea No .

Central Pacific Ocean CPO Sea No .

Ceylon CEY Asia Yes .

Chile CHI South America No .

Chinghai CHG Asia No .

Circars CIR Asia No .

Colombia COL South America Yes .

Congo CON Africa Yes .

Coral Sea COR Sea No .

Crimea CRI Europe Yes .

Cuba CUB North America Yes .

Dakar DAK Africa Yes France

Denmark DEN Europe Yes .

Diego Garcia DIE Asia Yes .

East Atlantic Ocean EAO Sea No .

East China Sea ECS Sea No .

East Indian Ocean EIO Sea No .

East Mediterranean Sea EMS Sea No .

East Pacific Ocean EPO Sea No .

Ecuador ECU South America Yes England

Edinburgh EDI Europe Yes England

Egypt EGY Africa Yes .

English Channel ENG Sea No .

Ethiopia ETH Africa Yes .

Fezan FEZ Africa Yes .

Fiji FIJ Oceania Yes .

Finland FIN Europe No .

Flanders FND Europe No .

Florida FLO North America Yes Netherlands

Gabon GAB Africa Yes .

Galicia GAL Europe No .

Ghana GHA Africa Yes .

Gibraltar GIB Sea No .

Goa GOA Asia Yes Portugal

Gobi Desert GOB Asia No .

Grand Banks GRA Sea No .

Greece GRE Europe Yes .

Guam GUA Oceania Yes .

Gulf of Aden GAD Sea No .

Gulf of Alaska GAA Sea No .

Gulf of Calilfornia GCA Sea No .

Gulf of Guinea GGU Sea No .

Gulf of Mexico GME Sea No .

Gulf of Panama GPA Sea No .

Gulf of Siam GSI Sea No .

Hague HAG Europe Yes Netherlands

Hanover HAN Europe Yes .

Hawaii HAW North America Yes Ottoman

Helgoland Bight HEL Sea No .

Hesse HES Europe No .

Honduras HON North America Yes .

Hudson Bay HUD Sea No .

Huelvas HUE Europe No .

Ifni IFN Africa Yes .

Ionian Sea ION Sea No .

Ireland IRE Europe Yes .

Irish Sea IRI Sea No .

Istanbul IST Asia Yes Ottoman

Iwo Jima IWO Oceania Yes .

Izmir IZM Asia Yes Ottoman

Japan JAP Asia Yes .

Java JAV Asia Yes .

Jehol JEH Asia No .

Jerusalem JEM Asia Yes Ottoman

Kalahari KAL Africa No .

Kamerun KAM Africa Yes .

Kashmir KAS Asia No .

Katanga KAT Africa No .

Kazakhstan KAZ Asia No .

Kenya KEN Africa Yes .

Khandesh KHA Asia Yes .

Kiev KIE Europe Yes Russia

Korea KOR Asia Yes .

Kwangtung KWA Asia No .

Lagos LAG Europe Yes Portugal

Laos LAO Asia No .

Leon LEO Europe No .

Libya LIB Africa No .

Ligurian Sea LIG Sea No .

Lisbon LIS Europe Yes Portugal

Lithuania LIT Europe No .

London LON Europe Yes England

Louisiana LOU North America Yes .

Madrid MAD Europe Yes Spain

Mahratta MAH Asia Yes .

Malagasy MAL Africa Yes .

Malay Sea MLS Sea No .

Malaya MLA Asia Yes England

Manaus MNS South America No .

Manchuria MAN Asia Yes .

Manila MNL Asia Yes Spain

Manitoba MBA North America Yes .

Massachusetts MAS North America Yes .

Matto Grosso MAT South America No .

Melbourne MEL Australia Yes Netherlands

Mexico MEX North America Yes Spain

Mid-Atlantic Ocean MAO Sea No .

Missouri MIS North America No .

Mongolia MON Asia Yes .

Morocco MOR Africa Yes .

Moscow MOS Europe Yes Russia

Mozambique MOZ Africa Yes .

Nanking NAN Asia Yes .

Naples NAP Europe Yes .

Natal NAT Africa Yes .

Nepal NEP Asia Yes .

New Guinea NWG Asia Yes .

New Zealand NWZ Australia Yes .

Nigeria NIG Africa Yes England

Nizam NIZ Asia Yes .

North Atlantic Ocean NAO Sea No .

North Pacific Ocean NPO Sea No .

North Sea NTH Sea No .

Norway NOR Europe Yes .

Norwegian Sea NWG Sea No .

Nubia NUB Africa No .

Numidia NUM Africa Yes .

Ohio OHI North America Yes .

Omsk OMS Asia Yes Russia

Ontario ONT North America Yes .

Oregon ORE North America Yes .

Panama PAN North America No .

Papal States PPS Europe Yes .

Paraguay PGY South America No .

Paris PAR Europe Yes France

Patagonia PAT South America No .

Peking PEK Asia Yes China

Persia PER Asia Yes .

Persian Gulf PNG Sea No .

Peru PRU South America Yes .

Philippine Sea PHI Sea No .

Poland POL Europe Yes .

Polynesia PYA Sea No .

Prussia PSA Europe No .

Punjab PUN Asia No .

Quebec QUE North America Yes France

Rabaul RAB Oceania Yes .

Recife RIC South America Yes .

Red Sea RED Sea No .

Rhineland RHI Europe No .

Ross Sea ROS Sea No .

Rumania RUM Europe Yes .

Sahara SAH Africa No .

Samoa SAM Oceania Yes .

Sargasso Sea SAR Sea No .

Savoy SAV Europe Yes .

Saxony SAX Europe No .

SE Atlantic Ocean SEA Sea No .

Sea of Japan SOJ Sea No .

Sea of Okhotsk SOO Sea No .

Siam SIA Asia Yes .

Siberia SIB Asia No .

Silesia SIL Europe No .

Sinkiang SIN Asia Yes .

Solomon Sea SOL Sea No .

Somali Sea SOS Sea No .

Somalia SOM Africa Yes Spain

South China Sea SCS Sea No .

South Indian Ocean SIO Sea No .

South Pacific Ocean SPO Sea No .

St Petersburg STP Europe Yes Russia

Subic Bay SUB Sea No .

Sudan SUD Africa Yes .

Suez SUE Africa No .

Sumatra SUM Asia Yes .

Surinam SUR South America Yes Austria

SW Atlantic Ocean SWA Sea No .

Sweden SWE Europe Yes .

Switzerland SWI Europe No .

Szechuan SZE Asia No .

Tahiti TAH Oceania Yes Austria

Taiwan TAI Asia Yes .

Tanganyika TAN Africa No .

Tarawa TAR Oceania Yes .

Tasman Sea TAS Sea No .

Taureg TAU Africa Yes .

Texas TEX North America Yes .

Tibet TIB Asia Yes .

Timbuktu TBK Africa Yes .

Timor Sea TIM Sea No .

Togo TOG Africa Yes .

Toulon TOU Europe Yes France

Trieste TRI Europe Yes Austria

Tunis TUN Africa Yes .

Turkestan TUR Asia No .

Uganda UGA Africa Yes .

Ural URA Asia No .

Uzbekistan UZB Asia No .

Valencia VAL Europe Yes Spain

Vancouver VAN North America Yes .

Venezuela VZA South America Yes .

Venice VEN Europe Yes .

Vienna VIE Europe Yes Austria

Virginia VIR North America Yes .

Vladivostok VLA Asia Yes Russia

Volta VOL Africa Yes .

Wake WAK Oceania Yes .

West Atlantic Ocean WAO Sea No .

West Indian Ocean WIO Sea No .

West Indies WIN North America No .

West Mediterranean Sea WMS Sea No .

West Pacific Ocean WPO Sea No .

Western Desert WES Australia No .

Wuhan WUH Asia Yes China

Xian XIE Asia Yes China

Yellow Sea YEL Sea No .

Yemen YEM Asia Yes .

Yorkshire YOR Europe No .

Yukon YUK North America No .

Zambia ZAM Africa Yes .