DC Newsletter 2007 November

From DipWiki

Hello All,

Welcome to my newsletter number 4. (some of you may get this twice as i will be using the ol' cut and paste and sending via the new site www.diplomaticcorp.com)

Thanks to the many people (okay 2 people) who have been asking after my newsletters.... I've been a little unwell of late and not able to keep up with my games (of which i discovered i'm overloaded!!) so it's been a long time in coming.

General Hello

Hello to all our new members. For those who don't know me, I'm Steve (aka Deathblade_penguin) moderator of Dc. I mainly deal with the GMs and look after the games whilst my fellow mods (Mike Sims and Trout) keep the site running.

Man we have a lot of games running at the moment with a lot of players in those games. Many people ask me - why we are restricting new members to play one game, or even why we are restricting new Gms to play one game as well.. well it's simply a matter of, in past experiences we've found that not every player recognises the commitment a game needs (often 6-8 months) and some people can find it easy to get overloaded with games (hey trust me as an experienced player i've let myself get overloaded too).. so it's just a way of trying to get those games running smoothly. For those of you who are in a game suffering from CD from missing players you can see why.

However, if you are a new player and see a second game you want to sugn up for, just drop your GM a line and they will talk to us.. (wink wink nudge nudge, say no more)

Exciting New Variants

Man as nice as it is to play a standard game of diplomacy, sometimes it is nice to get in a game that is a variant - something slightly different and do we have a great range on offer.

Currently for those diplomacy addicts, Felix needs players for his express gunboat game. Fast Deadlines.. and run by a very efficient Gm.

For those who like the slower pace we have a Youngstown variant, Hugh is running his engineer variant, Trout's got his pandamoniom (which he may seek players for) and I am goign to run both a Twilight Zone diplomacy and a deluge variant. Wondering what all this means. email me at steve@hotmail.com and i will tell you. or go to www.diplomaticcorp.com and check out the OPEN GAMES site.

In fact, any questions or anything - just email me

Movement Of Games

As those of still follow the yahoo group, we've been moving a lot of the new games across to their own boards there. There is also a section called commonspace where we would like to recreate this message board.

Other Stuff

Well isn't Heroes exciting at the moment. We in Australia are a week behind but still i thought it was fairly obvious about ol' Adam Monroe hey,

Okay - that's it from me for this week. Any suggestions or improvment or comments you have, please feel free to direct to the message boards or to me at stevelytton@hotmail.com

Stephen aka Deathblade_penguin (Knight of the Shrubbery) www.diplomaticcorp.com