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Hundred Variant - Conflict in the Year 1425 AD.

Created by: Andy Schwarz and Vincent Mous


1) The rules of "standard" Diplomacy ¨ are valid, unless specifically replaced or amended by these rules

2) The standard map is replaced by the "Hundred" variant map. Northumbria has 2 coasts, West and East. Aragon has 2 coasts, North and South. Castile is not divided into coasts, so fleets entering Castile from Biscay can then proceed to the Mediterranean and vice versa.

3) All references in the "standard" rules to specific powers, provinces, locations, and seasons do not apply to "Hundred".

4) The game begins in 1425. Each turn represents 5 "real time" years, and has a movement phase followed by a retreat phase. Alternating turns will have an adjustment phase (after retreats if required), the first being in 1430.

5) There are 17 supply centers on the board. The winner is the power which holds 9 or more supply centers during an adjustment phase.

6) There are three great powers. The starting units are as follows:

Hundred start.gif


  • Army Dijon
  • Army Luxembourg
  • Army Flanders
  • Fleet Holland


  • Army Calais
  • Army Guyenne
  • Army Normandy
  • Fleet London
  • Fleet Devon (see 6d)


  • Army Dauphine
  • Army Orleanais
  • Army Paris
  • Army Toulouse
  • Army Provence (see 6a-c)

6a) To represent the reliance on underpaid mercenary units, France begins the game with more units than it can afford. The army in Provence is considered a mercenary unit, and as Provence does not start in a Supply Center, France must capture at least one Supply Center in 1425 to maintain all 5 units. Should France fail to capture a Supply Center, it will be forced to remove one unit, however, it need not be the actual unit that starts in Provence. Instead, if it wishes, the French ruler may discharge other troops and keep the Provincial unit in his service.

6b) Other than this first year of no support, the unit in Provence is identical to all other French units, and its entry into conflict is at equal strength with all other units. Even in 1425, the unit moves and supports at full strength.

6c) Provence is NOT a Supply Center and no units may be built there, nor does occupation of Provence provide any support for any units.

6d) Variant: The English player may choose to start his Fleet Devon as Fleet English Channel. This gives England more striking power early in the game. The decision to use this optional rule should be made prior to assigning powers to players. Obviously, the English Channel is not a supply center and no future English units can be built there, nor does occupation of the English Channel provide any support for any units.

7) A power may build in any vacant supply center it owns during an adjustment phase: there are no permanent "home centers". For example, France may build in London if it is vacant, and France owns it and is eligible for a build.

8) Units (armies and fleets) may move or give support from London to Calais or vice versa regardless of the presence of a fleet in the Strait of Dover.