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Jihad Version 2.0 by Tony Tella and Salim Furth

Variant Rules

The rules to Diplomacy are copyright 1999, Hasbro, Inc. See the board game for more information on how to play Diplomacy.

The game begins in Spring 2000. Victory condition is 14 supply centers.

Special Rules

1.Istanbul functions identically to standard Constantinople. Fleets can not pass from AEG-BLA (canal).

2.Egypt functions identically to standard Constantinople. Fleets can not pass from EMed-Red (canal).

3.SAS is a water + land region. Armies can not move onto the south shore of SAS. Fleets may enter and exit SaS from Aqa, Ela, Sin, and Red. Armies may enter and exit only from Ela and Sin.

4.Fleets may pass from RED-PER.

5.Convoys THROUGH any of the 2 canal spaces (IST and EGY) are in order for this game.

6.There are 26 centers available. 14 centers are required to win the game.

7.Deserts are Impassable

Developmental Notes

This variant is still undergoing substantial playtest and development

Current discussion points include:

  • a change so that PER-RED is not the only “around Africa” move possible. Too easy to block. Once both parties sit a fleet in PER and RED, it’s a dead issue. Allowing PER-Egy and RED-Shi might do it, for then it becomes lots of guesswork to get thru there.
  • the question of Cyprus. To get rid of it completely? Or, fudge it down a bit to be on the border of GOI and EMED. Being hittable by only one space it’s too valuable.
  • connection of the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea and the Gulf via a canal. I think the idea was to force Iran to go north, but it’s too compromising for the Iranian to start w only 2 useful units when Iraq can come at him with 3, and Israel is too far to induce otherwise. Also this would enable players to vary their choice of opponent. For example, A fleet in the Persian Gulf could go around Africa toward Israel, or thru a canal (maybe via Khz-Isf-Tek? And up toward Russia. Would also make it so that if Iran is out, and Russia puts a blocker unit at Tur, he is not permanently safe… it would allow another sea power to get a fleet into the Caspian and conceivably dislodge him.