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Standard-Diplomacy rules apply, except the additional

Karibik variant created by Andreas Keller and the variant team at DEAC

Transform option

You may change a fleet into an army and vice versa using transform

During a movement phase. MUST be a supply center. The unit holds and can be supported in holding, but the conversion is only successful if the unit is not attacked.

If you want to transform an army into a fleet in a province with more than one cost, you have to specify the desired coast for the resulting fleet, i. e. the syntax is

army trafo

Winning index

There are 38 supply centers. The victory criterion is possession of 20 supply centers at the end of any Fall retreat.

Starting position

Brasil (B)
Army Belo Horizonte, Manaus
Fleet Belem
Columbia (K)
Army Bogota, Medellin
Fleet Cartagena
Cuba (A)
Fleet Havanna, Santiago, Santo Domingo
Mexico (E)
Army Mexiko City
Fleet Mazatlan, Merida
Paraguay (Y)
Army Randonia, Cuiaba, Asuncion
Peru (P)
Army Cuzco, Iquitos
Fleet Lima
Army Phoenix
Fleet Houston, Miami
Venezuela (V)
Army Ciudad Bolivar, Carracas
Fleet Cumana