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Medieval Royale Home Page

Rules for Medieval Royale * [note / CCR] As amended by Tommy Larsson as follows:

This page includes except of the basic rules which are used in all Royale Games also:

  • The Clergy rules which were used in games Inlaws and Wasa.
  • The additions to the basic and clergy rules which are used in game Wasa are written in green.
  • The additions made for game Heir are written in red. Heir also used the green Wasa rules, but did not have clergy.
  • The additions made for game Crusades are written in blue. Crusades uses Wasa rules, but doesn't use Heir rules.

[sic - excepted the default link color, there are no text written in blue in this file / CCR]

[the rules which Tommy Larsson discussed in an Errata are written in grey. / CCR]




Birth Rolls

Character Properties