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Bonjour Poobaloo-Michael Sims, my name is Gabriel Lecointre (diplomatiegabriel AT, a Diplomacy French player.

I had a project of wiki about Diplomacy too since several months. After a first try in 2007, I have created the wiki in April 2008 before discovering your wiki yesterday.

I wished to make advertising for "my" wiki during the next world Diplomacy convention in Austria in August for have new webmasters in differents languages because I wished a wiki in French of course but too in English, in German, in Italian...

Can you allow Dipwiki contributors to create French pages, German pages? etc. (with links between the same articles in differents languages)

I shall to make advertising during the World DipCon for find new contributors in different languages.


Gabriel 22:09, 28 June 2008 (PDT)