Once Within a Fog so Dreary

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Fog of War IV - Once Within a Fog so Dreary - was the 5th game in the increasingly innacurately named Fog of War Trilogy. It was played in 2008, and was won by a group of 6, the Map Makers Alliance. Throughout the course of the game verses giving clues about the never before seen Haven world were released. Upon completion, the poem went...

Once within a fog so dreary, embark a group to test their theory
O’er many a quaint and curious set of foggy maps galore
Begins this game of warful scrapping, alliances, and clever stabbing
Of unfortunate souls that are caught napping, mapping at the very core.
Tis a neighbor you’ll discover – attacking, he will try to score
A victory, and nothing more.

Ah distinctly I recall, it was in that foggy sprawl,
That each and every players' scrawl, they'd sent to me without deplore.
Eagerly anticipating finding who's participating
in the deals they'd been stating, building up a good rapport
While others seeking something more, lash out with their armies for
Their neighbor’s land – declaring war

Peering thru that foggy curtain, many things you find uncertain
Thrilling, filling with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now to still the beating of your heart I stand repeating
of the centers you are needing for your land to grow to four.
But you wonder never certain if your land will sink or soar
For maybe some have grown by more.

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating, then no longer,
"Sir," said I, "or Monster, truly your forgiveness I implore;
But the fact is I was searching thru this land of monsters lurching
From the shadows armed and perching, waiting for the time to score
That I scarce was sure I knew this land was played on ground and shore
But I sense below there’s more.

Aye, into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no player ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, as the aforementioned token
of good will best went unspoken for what I've been taken for.
This I feared, is what becomes me as my centers dwindle more
While others near the two times four.

While we bear this slight delay, with players shouting, screaming, Hey -
I need my moves, it's time to play and see what fruits my orders bore
We look around and see what that is in our box tonight a status
of the game and what thereat is deep below the ocean floor
Let thy heart be still a moment as we hold for one day more
Results out soon, both sweet and sore

Promptly to the game returning, less one empire adjourning
Taking from this loss a learning how to use the fog of war
Nothing further shall be muttered, not a feather will be fluttered
by their parrots - fried and buttered feeding those who played hardcore
Now the beaten pirates leave us as they ponder days of yore
Ladys, mateys... Nevermore

Taking a substantial beating, once great empires now fleeting
Hoping they will not be meeting with the Pirates out the door
But the fact is some were catching up on sleep; others dispatching
Forces to their border-- scratching, snatching up their centers for
A purpose that will sure not suit them if they wish that good rapport
Elimination – and nothing more

Now we bid our fondest farewell to the undead who dont dare dwell
with the living - sent their caravels to the deepest ocean floor.
With them go the Samurai, who with one last valiant BONSAI
find that they too have come up dry in their search for something more.
Pray that you will not soon chase them out this toughest game of war...
For some near 30! (in base four)

Once again a day goes by without results, you wonder why…
Your GM is a busy guy! And couldn’t run the turn before.
But do not fret this game delayed, with visions straight and courses stayed
We get back to the fields frayed and scattered full of elven lore
Of hidden moves in wooded lands that only serves to underscore
That in this game, they are no more.

To this game an end proposed – to some, agreement is supposed
But any single one opposed is all it takes to further pour
Your heart into this foggy game in hopes that someday you’ll proclaim
The happy end for which you came to darken lands of blood and gore.
But looking back the archers, gnomes, and ogres tried their best to score
A victory – But nevermore.

Once within a fog so dreary, embarked a group of 19 leery
of what they’d find behind this eerie curtain of cryptic rhymed décor.
From them grew the MMA, a group of six… we saw them lay
The premise for a brighter day – then looking back they did no more.
Allegiance proved the winning tide as all the others did subside
And grant the six their greatest pride… A brilliant end to this our war.
Congrats to all who dared explore this game that now is Haven lore.
Shall quoth this Raven, Nevermore