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  • ...a lot of diplomacy at the gamestart. Den and Hol are normally regarded as German centres and only England is in a position to prevent Germany from taking th Once again Scandinavia is of major importance. It is not so vital that it is German, but it is necessary to be occupied by a friend of Germany. In 1902 Germany
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  • ==Richard Sharp's Categorization of the German Openings== The German openings are categorized first by the order of the Berlin army.
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  • ==Prussian Opening== Richard Sharp's name for any opening which uses the move A Ber-Pru. The most famous named variant is the Barbaro
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  • Any opening sending F Kie-Bal with A Ber-Kie. This opening allows for the taking of Denmark (or Holland) with an army and Germany thre [[German Openings|BACK]] to [[German Openings]]
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  • Richard Sharp's name for any German opening using F Kie-Hol and A Ber-Kie. There are three named variations: the Burgun ...mmon opening. Unless a standoff in Bur occurs, this bespeaks an aggressive German player almost certainly allied with England. A standoff is more ambiguous,
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  • ==Rhineland Opening== ...ile providing a say in the Lowlands and Scandinavia. One advantage to this opening is that if France has entered Burgundy, Germany is sure to protect Munich w
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  • ...penings guard against a Russian entry into the east without committing the German to an attack. [[German Openings|BACK]] to [[German Openings]]
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  • ...ny consolidates Scandinavia, England's defenses against any temptation the German may be feeling should be firmed up.
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  • ...moving to Kiel and Munich to Ruhr. These are far and away the most common German openings, and there are three named variants: This is the most popular German opening, and also the most popular opening for any country. It guarantees two neutrals against any offense, gives Germ
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  • ...after Hitler's plan to attack England from out of the Low Countries, this opening gained rapid popularity in the late 1990's in e-mail play. *[[The Sealion Opening]] by Edi Birsan
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  • *[[German Openings]] <BIG>'''Diplomacy Opening Articles'''</BIG>
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  • ==Silesian Opening== Also known as the Frederich Opening, this opening was named by John Mark. France should be pleased and more inclined to move
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  • ==Anschluss Opening== ...n opening. Unless a standoff in Burgundy occurs, it bespeaks an aggressive German player almost certainly allied with England. A standoff is more ambiguous,
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  • If it opens to Burgundy, the opening can be transformed into a Panther opening. [[German Openings|BACK]] to [[German Openings]]
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  • ...ser Wilhelm II's sending the German gunboat Panther to Africa in 1911. The opening presents a combined front by the Central Powers (A/G/I) in an attempt to gu The remaining two powers, England and Russia, should be pleased by the opening. Russia is able to not only get in on the Turkish party but also appeased b
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  • ...rgundy opening with A Mar-Spa. Both these openings offer defense against a German strike into Munich and the easy opportunity to pick up both Iberian supply ...Bre-Mid, and A Par-Pic, known as the "Picardy Opening." This is subtly pro-German, as it hints to an accomodation over Burgundy while still giving the French
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  • ...k. This is even more so in the case of the Sealion Opening names after the German invasion plans of England in World War II. ...h and ideally having a major blowout with the Turks ovr the Black Sea. The German player also ahs to be focused on a quick take down of England and the demil
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  • '''NORTHERN OPENING (THE YORKSHIRE OPENING)''' Richard Sharp's name for the opening F Lon-NTH and F Edi-NWG. There are four named variations:
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  • ...North Sea. Thus, England with one fleet can tie down an enormous number of German units. ...the Russians and the English to determine which one will be the object of German aggression.
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  • ...pening that sends the fleet into the English Channel is known as a Menache Opening or English Attack. These openings account for about one quarter of all Fre is unlikely to result in a centre gain for France (unlike the Atlantic Opening's F Bre-MAO), and compromises an assault on England by most likely pinning
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  • ...cides to try. That is, this is not a prescription of the "best" or optimum opening for all occasions, but a specific solution to a tactical problem given a se ...h the movement of A Vie unknown. The problem: How to nail the Austrians by German and Italian co-operation.
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