The Panther

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This Fall Austro-Italo-German continuation was named by Dan Abbott after Kaiser Wilhelm II's sending the German gunboat Panther to Africa in 1911. The opening presents a combined front by the Central Powers (A/G/I) in an attempt to guarantee control of Africa and the Gibraltar block by controlling the Mediterranean. To do this, the rivals Mediterranean powers (France and Turkey) must be taught a lesson.

In Spring, Austria opens to pressure the Ionian, while Italy does a Swiss Lepanto and Germany opens to Burgundy and Holland. The pure Panther sees occupation of Serbia and Kiel in Spring 1901, but other variations are possible, which also put pressure on Russia.

In Fall, the Italian army in Apulia is convoyed to Albania by the Austrian fleet, while Italy takes Tunis, and both Germany and Italy continue to harass France in Marseilles, Burgundy, and Belgium. While France is occupied by pressure on his entire eastern border, Turkey sees two hostile fleets coming at him. The remaining two powers, England and Russia, should be pleased by the opening. Russia is able to not only get in on the Turkish party but also appeased by Germany's lack of Scandinavian force. England is also satisfied with the Scandinavian lines and can help out with France.