Standard 5P

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The Standard Game of Diplomacy for five players.

Variant Description:

Italy and Germany are eliminated to reduce the number of powers to five. The Italian and German units are placed in Civil Disorder - holding in position and defending themselves, but not supporting each other. Units belonging to any of the players may support them in their holding position. If the Italian or German units are forced to retreat, then they disband.

Madman Order Submittal Alternative:

In this alternative, players may submit orders for German or Italian units in order to allow some movement from the central powers. The guidelines for allowing this can vary and should be defined by the GM at the beginning of the game.

Possibilities include:

  • Orders for the same unit from different players cancelling each other out, resulting in that unit holding
  • Players requiring to sacrifice an order for one of their own units for the ability to submit an order for Germany or Italy
  • The GM setting up a random sequence of numbers at the beginning of the game in order to determine whose madman orders will be followed at a given turn