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Information and Resources


This site, the first community driven online resource for all things Diplomacy.


A Diplomacy web site run by David Cohen containing the Model House Rules for Non-Judge Email Diplomacy, the home pages of several variants, including Maharajah's, Known World 901, Western World 901 and Mandate Of Heaven, articles on Diplomacy play and philosophy of gaming, and more.

Diplomacy Archive

One of the largest archives of Diplomacy-related articles available online. Covers all kinds of Diplomacy topics.

The Diplomatic Pouch

First and foremost home of the worldwide Diplomacy hobby. Brain child of Manus Hand. Hosts the renowned DP Zine, as well as containing a treasure trove of resources. Has its own judge, called the DPjudge (see below).

Places to Play


The sister site to dipwiki.com, Diplomaticcorp is a Diplomacy community that offers standard and variant Play-By-Email and Live games. Over 100 variants are documented and playable. All games are run by a human GM (game master), no automated systems. Besides having colorful graphics, maps, a large database and player stats, there's also a wide-ranging forum for games and related topics of interest.


Diplomacy.ca has been running Diplomacy games since 1985 and has a large and active user community. This site offers forums, fast turn processing, online maps, chat facilities, articles and strategy, numerous rating systems, online order entry, and many other great features. No advertising, completely free. Standard, gunboat and private games. Join the longest running online Diplomacy site today!


Fully automated online judge, capable of handling Play-by-Email, web interface play or even real-time games. First developed in 1995 by Manus Hand, the founder of the Diplomatic Pouch (see above), but nowadays maintained by Mario Huys. Supports lots of original variants, maps and rules, such as Payola, Crystal Ball and Blind Diplomacy, as well as plain Standard Diplomacy. All for free (as it should be).


webDiplomacy limits players to legal moves, making it easier on new players. It's under active development, but is considered beta by the development team. By the end of 2009 it is in version 0.94 and is DATC compliant. It has a point system for buying into games and rewarding the victors. Rewards are based on either winner take all or points per supply center. As of November, 2009 webDiplomacy boasted over 10,000 games, including 540 currently in progress. Other open-source offshoots include goonDiplomacy (with 19 maps/variants and instant messaging) and http://dip.xbsd.kr/ (Korean-language version with 7 maps/variants)


Started in September 2005, stabbeurfou was first built in French, then translated to be bilingual English/French. It has full features to play standard Diplomacy but is mostly aimed at hosting tournaments. Its simple interface make it eligible for beginner players and its advanced features are new to the scene. It also offers various tools for orders translations, map building etc.... It is hosting the first attempt to implement a world cup in Diplomacy, the Diplomacy National World Cup (DNWC).


Since 1996 fans of strategy gaming have been gathering on Ludomaniac.de to play the classic of the genre: DIPLOMACY. Currently, far more than 500 active players – newbies and fungamers as well as powergamers and professionals – are meeting in over 150 games, starting new ones every day. Together we form the largest German-language Diplomacy community. Since 2008 Ludomaniac etablished the german variant bank Ludopedia.

Weltkonflikte.de Since 2004 a small GM-Website and organizer for NoPress Variant Challenges (NPVC) and special diplomacy variants (World War IV, 1939.Blitzkrieg, Welsh Diplomacy, etc.)

WorldLeaders Founded in 2008, WorldLeaders has full standard Diplomacy gameplay on 4 different maps, including Ancient Greece, Europe, World at War, and Colonial. The site features unique instant messaging, e-mail, and archiving abilities. Specialty games can be created and the development team is known for being responsive and innovative. Multilingual options will be available soon. Basic membership is free.