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Wings are a type of unit distinct from Armies and Fleets which can be used in any game whose rules allow. Originally created for the Modern variant, many incarnations of them have been seen.

The Wing unit varies in abilities by GM and variant, but typically they have the ability to traverse both land and sea spaces while lacking the ability to capture supply centers. Some additional capabilities, depending on the GM, include:

  • Moving multiple spaces (2 to 4 depending on the variant).
  • Supporting units acting in the spaces surrounding them.
  • Transporting other land or sea units.
  • Occuping the same space as a land unit.

The basic version of Wings, as allowed in adjudication programs like JDip and Realworld, only allows Wings to support ground units and move on all three types of spaces. Additional capabilities are not default in the program, but can be manually implemented by the GM.