Winter Blitz

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Created by: Michael Sims, Former Trout, and Felix Kam Chung of Diplomaticcorp

The Winter Blitz was conceived in the summer of 2007 by Mike, Felix, and Trout in a brainstorming session about the popularity of Felix' Express games at both Diplomaticcorp and Redscape. While a blitz tournament isn't for everyone, many people seemed to like the fast pace of 2-3 day turns. Whether it was because it make the game more like a live action game or cuz it gave the players more frequent results to fuel their interest, or simply because more of a good thing cant possibly be bad, doesn't matter-- for those games drew players and filled incredibly fast. Combine this with the insatiable demand for new games that Diplomaticcorp was going thru around the time of the new website, and you had the beginnings of a great tournament.

By definition a fast paced tournament, the Winter Blitz was designed to be an event players could join, play two rounds in, and leave, without having to commit a year or two of their time. Figuring an average Diplomacy game is around 10 years, we picked 10 weeks per round, with a full game year played every week. 2 rounds would be 20 weeks, which means we could start after the holidays in January and be complete by summer break, when diploming typically tapers off!

Pairings are determined by a modified Swiss System

The 1st Annual Winter Blitz started Jan 3, 2008 with 49 players venturing into the most action packed 6 months of their Diplomacy lives... That tournament is now in play!