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by Tony Tella and David Norman

Based on World2 Diplomacy by David Norman, Map by John Frederick

The rules to Diplomacy are copyright 1999, Hasbro, Inc. See the board game for more information on how to play Diplomacy.


World 3C

World 3C was played in dc92

It ended in in a Solo for Ghana


World 3B

World 3B was played in dc92

It ended in in a Solo for the Mideast


World 3A


World 2

World 2 was played in dc24 and dc40.

dc24 ended in a 4-way draw.

dc40 ended in a Solo for Kenya.



Argentina: F BAI, F CHI, A SCR.
Brazil:    A BRA, A RDJ, F REC.
China:     A BEI, F GUA, A SHA.
Europe:    A FRA, A GER, F SPA.
Frozen:    F CAS, F LEN, F MAW.
Ghana:     A GHA, F GUI, A MAL.
India:     F BOM, A CLC, A DEL.
Kenya:     A KEN, F TAN, A UGA.
Libya:     A CHA, F LIB, A NSU.
Mideast:   A IRN, A IRQ, A SYR.
Oz:        F NSW, F VIC, F WAU.
Pac.Rus:   A ESI, A VLA, F YAK(sc).
Quebec:    F NEW, F ONT, A QBC.
Russia:    A BEL, A MOS, A STP.
S.Africa:  A BOT, A NAM, F SAF.
Usa:       F CAL, F FLA, A TEX.
W.Canada:  A BCO, F NWT, A YTE.


1. Left side of Map is for reference only. Plotting for Realpolitik you must use the right side of the map to plot the movements for that province

2. Bitmap file size: Realpolitik saves this bmp file as 24 bit. To decrease the size, open paintbrush->save as 256 color. After converting it to 256 colors, save it again as a .gif


1. Fleet Ontario can not move to Union (no passage)

2. The following contain canals:

3. Armenia does not have a canal, all fleets moving into Armenia are always assumed to be on the coast facing Black Sea.

4. There are 86 supply centres, you need 44 to win


Afghanistan             Afg
Austria Hungary         Ahu
Alaska                  Ala
Alberta                 Alb
Algeria                 Alg
Amazon                  Ama
Angola                  Ang
Arctic Ocean            Aoc
Ape                     Ape
Armenia                 Arm
Arabian Sea             Ase
Buenos Aires            Bai
Balkins                 Bal
Bangkok                 Ban
Barents Sea             Bar
Baltic Sea              Bas
Bat                     Bat
British Columbia        Bco
Beijing                 Bei
Belorussia              Bel
Beaufort Sea            Bfs
Bho                     Bho
Bis                     Bis
Black Sea               Bla
Bay of Bengal           Bob
Bolivia                 Bol
Bombay                  Bom
Botswana                Bot
Brasilia                Bra
Bering Sea              Brs
Bst                     Bst
Burma                   Bur
Cam                     Cam
Car                     Car
Casey                   Cas
Central America         Cen
Chad                    Cha
Chile                   Chi
Carribean Islands       Cis
Calcutta                Clc
California              Cal
Columbia                Col
Congo                   Con
Central Pacific Ocean   Cpo
Caribbean Sea           Cse
Delhi                   Del
Dmv                     Dmv
Deep South              Dso
East Atlantic Ocean     Eao
Egypt                   Egy
East Pacific Ocean      Epo
East Siberia            Esi
East Siberian Sea       Ess
Ethiopia                Eth
Florida                 Fla
France                  Fra
Great Britan            Gbr
Germany                 Ger
Ghana                   Gha
Godthab                 God
Gulf of Mexico          Gom
Gua                     Gua
Gui                     Gui
Guatamala               Guy
Hudson Bay              Hba
Hei                     Hei
Inner Mongolia          Imo
Indonesia               Ind
Iran                    Ira
Irkutsk                 Irk
Iraq                    Irq
Italy                   Ita
Indian Territory        Ite
Japan                   Jap
Java Sea                Jse
Kamchatka               Kam
Kazakhstan              Kaz
Kenya                   Ken
Korea                   Kor
Kyr                     Kyr
Lanzhou                 Lan
Leningradskaya          Len
Libya                   Lib
Labrador Sea            Lse
Madagascar              Mad
Mali                    Mal
Manitoba                Man
Mau                     Mau
Mawson                  Maw
Marie Byrd Land         Mbl
Madagascar Channel      Mch
Mediterranean Sea       Med
Mendoza                 Men
Mexico                  Mex
Midwest                 Mid
Monterrey               Mnt
Mongolia                Mon
Morocco                 Mor
Moscow                  Mos
Mozambique              Moz
Nambia                  Nam
Norwegian Dependency    Nde
Northeast Atlantic      Nea
Northeast Indian        Nei
Northeast Pacific       Nep
Nevada                  Nev
New Foundland           New
Nge                     Nge
Niger                   Nig
Nov                     Nov
North Pacific Ocean     Npo
North Sudan             Nsu
New South Wales         Nsw
Northern Territory      Nte
North Sea               Nth
Northwest Atlantic      Nwa
Norwegian Sea           Nwg
Northwest Indian        Nwi
Northwest Pacific       Nwp
Northwest Territories   Nwt
New Zealand             Nze
Omsk                    Oms
Ontario                 Ont
Pakistan                Pak
Peru                    Per
Phillipines             Phi
Pacific Islands         Pis
Poland                  Pol
Quebec                  Qbc
Queensland              Qsl
Rio De Janero           Rdj
Recife                  Rec
Red Sea                 Red
Ross Ice Shelf          Ris
South Africa            Saf
Salvador                Sal
Sanae                   San
San Paolo               Sao
Saudi Arabia            Sar
Saskatchewan            Sas
South Australia         Sau
Scandinavia             Sca
Santa Cruz              Scr
South China Sea         Scs
Southeast Atlantic      Sea
Southeast Indian        Sei
Southeast Pacific       Sep
Shanghai                Sha
Showa                   Sho
Southern Indian Ocean   Sio
Sea of Japan            Soj
Somalia                 Som
Sea of Oks              Soo
South Pole              Sop
Spain                   Spa
South Pacific Ocean     Spo
South Sudan             Ssu
St Petersburg           Stp
Southwest Atlantic      Swa
Southwest Indian        Swi
Southwest Pacific       Swp
Syria                   Syr
Tanzania                Tan
Texas                   Tex
Thailand                Tha
Thule                   Thu
Tibet                   Tib
Turkmenistan            Tkm
Tasman Sea              Tse
Turkey                  Tur
Uganda                  Uga
Ukraine                 Ukr
Union                   Uni
Uruguay                 Ura
Uzbekistan              Uzb
Venezuela               Ven
Victoria                Vic
Vietnam                 Vie
Vladovostock            Vla
Vostok                  Vos
West Atlantic Ocean     Wao
West Australia          Wau
Western China           Wch
West Pacific Ocean      Wpo
West Siberia            Wsi
Yakutsk                 Yak
Yellow Sea              Yse
Yukon Territory         Yte
Zaire                   Zai
Zambia                  Zam
Zimbabwee               Zim

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