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This variant has been extensively developed by Tom Reinecker on the [[http://www.stab-room.com/wwiv/wwiv_home.html WWIV homepage]].
This variant has been extensively developed by Tom Mulledy on the [[http://www.stab-room.com/wwiv/wwiv_home.html WWIV homepage]].

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The game takes place many years in the future, 20 years after WWIII finally ended in a near apocalyptic world. The world’s powers of the past are not what they used to be. Many are fractured while other “lesser” Powers were left relatively unscathed during the war and are now much more powerful than ever before. Even the tiny islands of Oceania and elsewhere are of much more import. The war saw many fleets left behind in their strategic island bases. Many expatriates sought to “hide out” in these archipelagoes as well as those servicemen who deserted their posts. Large parts of Africa and South America were left relatively untouched by the wars scars and are also more important than they were in those prewar days. The world is finally recovering from the vast destruction of this past war. Economies are starting to grow, military muscles are being re-flexed after lying dormant for so long. Each New World power seeks to exert their newfound might upon the rest of the world, trying to become the world’s next big superpower. Tensions are growing, skirmishes are occurring more often, peace is tenuous at best, the world is on the brink of... WWIV

You will assume the leadership of one of this Worlds 35 new emerging military powers. It is your job, no, it is your DESTINY to take your new nation and lead them into the future. You will make your new nation the most dominant power in the world, uniting the world under your leadership and bring peace and prosperity to the world’s population once more.

Except for the obvious map changes, standard Diplomacy rules will be followed. The only exceptions are as described in the following sections.

Total Supply Centers: 241 Neutral Supply Centers: 139


Builds may be made on any starting home center OR in any supply center that has been owned for at least two years. (captured in F01, build is possible in F03)

Victory condition:

The winner is the player who hold 1/2 plus one of the Supply Centers at the end of a fall turn, or 121 SC. Shorter versions such as 35 supply center victories have been played.


World War IV has been played 3 times at weltkonflikte.de: [WK1] [WK2] [WK3]

This variant has been extensively developed by Tom Mulledy on the [WWIV homepage].