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Zeus 5F

(F for France) (gf/11)
by Chris Northcott and Fred Davis


The Rules for Zeus V-F are the ,same as for V, except for France replacing Italy as a Great Power, The map changes are as follows:

The area "France" is divided into 3 provinces, Paris, a SC, and Burgundy and Gascony, ordinary spaces. "Vichy'` becomes the French SC Marseilles.

North Africa becomes Algiers, the third French Home SC. The Tripoli SC is abolished, and Tripoli and Bengazi are merged into a single ordinary space, Libya. Italy no longer exists as a Great Power. Rome and Venice remain as Neutral SC's.

The Low Countries becomes a SC. New space, "Ruhr," added between Munich and Low Countries.

New space, Gibraltar, touches Algiers at Land Crossing. Spain is now a two-coasted province. The English Channel returns to its original name and size.

Additional Rules for ZEUS 5F:

  • The SC Total is increased by two to 43. (+Algiers, Marseilles, Low Countries, - Tripoli The Victory Criterion is raised to 22.
  • Starting Position for FRANCE: Paris, Marseilles, Algiers
  • If Germany owns Rome, she may build units there.
  • There is a Land Crossing Gibraltar-Algiers.

Map Note:

All these maps are inaccurate in showing Prussia as attached to the rest of Germany in 1939. From 1919 to September 1939, East Prussia was cut off from the area shown here as "Berlin" by the "Polish Corridor," which has been omitted from the ZEUS map. However, for game purposes this is not too serious, especially since the map has been badly distorted in so many areas to fit everything in.

Zeus 5


Original ZEUS design by Chris Northcott
This modification by Fred C Davis Jr

Game Note

Fred Davis made several changes from the draft version of ZEUS IV, and sent his suggestions to the author. Chris Northcott subsequently prepared a Final Version of ZEUS IV which adopted some of the changes shown here, such as the use of the names Chungking, Okinawa, Solomon Is. and Bay of Biscay, plus addition of the Alaska and Colombia provinces. IV-Final made Low Countries a SC instead of Spain. Most provinces that exist on both maps bear the same names on both. However, the "Middle East" space in ZEUS V in "Near East" in IV, and "South Pacific" in V is "Central Pacific" in IV-F. There are a few other map differences between IV-Final and V, but fewer than there were between the draft version of ZEUS-IV and my V. In an unexpected change, the improved name of "Hamburg" reverted to the traditional "Kiel" in IV-Final. See also Zeus V-F.


1. Except where mentioned below, the 1971 and 1976 Rules of Diplomacy apply.

2. There are 41 Supply Centers. The Victory Criterion is 21 Centers.

3. The Home Centers for the Great Powers are (Capitals listed first):

BRITAIN: London, Edinburgh, Canada, Egypt and Middle East (5)
CHINA: Chungking, Canton, Peking
GERMANY: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
ITALY: Rome, Venice, Tripoli
JAPAN: Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai
USA: Washington, Hawaii, New York (but NY unit may be built in NY or California)
USSR: Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Okhotsk (4)

4. The first move of the game is Winter 1939. On this turn, the players specify their builds, which may be negotiated. If a Fleet is built in Canada, Leningrad, or Middle East, the coast must be specified. USA does not have to disclose whether it has built a unit in New York or California until the Spring 1940 moves are disclosed.

5. Canal Provinces. Egypt, Hamburg and Panama are considered to have only one coast. Fleets passing from one sea space to another via a canal must first move to a canal province (e.g. F EMS Egypt; then F Egypt-Indian Ocean).

6. Land Crossings (Direct Passage): Both Armies and Fleets may move directly between Denmark and Sweden, Korea and Kyushu, Tokyo and Kyushu, and Spain and North Africa. Fleets may move between North Sea and Baltic Sea or between Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea or Okinawa only by first moving to one of the intervening land spaces. Denmark, Sweden, Korea, Kyushu and Tokyo are considered one-coast provinces, as is Spain. Units may not move directly between Greece and Turkey.

7. Fleets may move directly between West Med. Sea and either MAO or SAO; and between East Med. Sea and Black Sea.

8. Pacific Island Areas. Armies may enter the Hawaiian, Midway, Okinawa and Solomon Is., spaces without convoy, as if they were land provinces. Fleets may move and convoy through these spaces as if they were ordinary sea spaces.

9. Western Britain is a coastal province consisting of Wales, SW England, Irish Sea and Ireland. All units treat this area as a single space.

10. India contains a Standing Army, which must be dislodged before it can be occupied and claimed as a Supply Center.

11. U.S.A. may always build units in California instead of in a Home SC if it wishes, provided it owns California.

Historical Note:

The Vichy French government ("Unoccupied France") did not come into being until after the surrender of the Third Republic on June 25, 1940. Therefore, this game takes historical liberties in showing that division of France in the Winter of 1939. However, as the German A Munich may take France in Spring 1940, it becomes correct to eliminate France as a Great Power from that point on.

Zeus 4

by Chris Northcott


0. All rules as in regular Diplomacy save as below.

1. The game starts in Autumn 1939, this is a special build only season during which the players only need to specify their initial 3 builds (4 for the Soviets, 5 for the UK). Note that if a fleet is built in the Middle East, Leningrad or Tokyo, then the coast must be specified.

2. Hamburg, Egypt and Panama are canal spaces and thus have only one coast, thus they can be moved through by fleets (Eg. Con and Kie in Diplomacy). Fleets may pass through Denmark, Korea and Kynshu, for example in two moves a fleet may move F(Yellow Sea)-Korea and then F(Korea)-Sea of Japan.

There is no direct move between Greece and Turkey or between Spain and Tripoli. Switzerland is passable.

3. Pacific Island Areas: namely, Guam, Yap, Wake, Midway and Hawaii can be moved through by both fleets and armies without restriction. Note that Central Pacific Ocean is a sea space.

4. There are 38 supply centres and 20 are needed for victory.

5. Spaces identified on the map only be abbreviations are as follows:

Amu = Amurskaya BSt = Baltic States; Edi = Edinburgh (*) New = New England; BOP = Bay of Pomerania EAO = East Artic Ocean; ENG = English Channel HEL = Heligoland Bight; SAO = South Artic Ocean SOO = Sea of Okhotsk; YEL = Yellow Sea

Western Britain is a space made up of Wales, SW England, the Irish Sea and Ireland and it adjoins MAO, ENG, Lon, Edi, NAO.