Russian Openings

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Russia has more possible opening moves than any other power. In order to produce a rationalised system for naming Russian openings, Richard Sharp introduced the following plan:

  • F StP/sc H openings are known as the Northern Houseboat Opening.
  • F StP/sc-Lvn is known as the Kronstadt Opening.
  • F StP/sc-Fin is known as the Lapland Lurch, but otherwise considered (for the purpose of naming openings) as equivalent to a move to the Gulf of Bothnia. These openings are named after the order of A Moscow. There are therefore six systems for openings involving F StP/sc-BOT or F StP/sc-Fin:
    • The Inertia System (A Mos H)
    • The Livonia System (A Mos-Lvn)
    • The Northern System (A Mos-StP)
    • The Southern System (A Mos-Sev)
    • The Ukraine System (A Mos-Ukr)
    • The Warsaw System (A Mos-War)